Kostas Krimboti

Known Year(s):1703
Place of Origin:Naxos, Greece
Appears in:Voyage of Slaves

Kostas Krimboti, also known as Kostas Gold Jaw, was the large captain of the Blue Turtle. Kostas had curly red hair, and all of his teeth were made of gold. As a boy, he was friends with Yanni Karopolis and Alexi Constantinou. Kostas came from a poor Greek family, his father was a fisherman.

He later became a pirate with Yanni, and was the first mate aboard a Corsican ship. As pirates, the pair humiliated Alexi who had since joined the navy in front of his entire crew. Yanni and Kostas eventually reformed their corsair ways and became treasure hunters, transporting cargo for the sisters of the Santa Filomena Convent. He was friends with Fra Salvatore.

He helped Ben and Ned travel to the Convent, and left them with Janos Cabar and the Istrani Wolves. In his opinion, however, they helped him, by giving him the puppy dog Amico. The pair later returned, and sailed with him.

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