Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Killed by Shang Damsontongue
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Krakulat was the husband of Bonebeak and the leader of the Crow Brethren. After hearing of his mother's death at the hands of Swartt Sixclaw's horde, he swore he would have his revenge upon the ferret and his vermin. Accordingly, he and the Crow Brethren led an attack against the horde; this caused much more casualties among the crows than the vermin, and eventually led to Swartt's ordering the burning of the crows' pine grove. Despite his wife's protests, Krakulat stubbornly refused to halt his attack, even after this tragedy; he and the Brethren followed after the retreating horde to pick them off one by one.

After tracking Swartt to a nearby gorge, Krakulat encountered Shang Damsontongue and her crew. The Crow Brethren fought the foxes, but were severely outmatched and easily slain; one of the foxes later used Krakulat's plumage as a decoration.

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