Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Spear and Bow and Arrow
Death: Killed by Hon Rosie
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Kybo was a male searat of Gabool the Wild in the crew of Greypatch on the Darkqueen. He questioned Greypatch's leadership and initially supported Bigfang, the mate. However, after the disastrous attempt to retake the Darkqueen from a trio of Long Patrol hares, he fought Bigfang for control and after subduing him led the crew back to Greypatch. He led the detatchment that tried to scale a Redwall Abbey wall, but Bagg, Runn, and Grubb cut all the ropes, killing six of the rats. After Greypatch killed Bigfang in a duel to determine captaincy, Kybo was swayed to support Greypatch, purely out of fear. He was slain by Hon Rosie, a member of the Long Patrol.