Lady Amber


Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mossflower, The Legend of Luke
Mentioned: The Redwall Cookbook
Voice(s): Nicky Mackay

Lady Amber was the queen leader of the squirrels residing in Mossflower Woods that fought against Tsarmina Greeneyes. She was warlike and an excellent archer, as were most of the squirrels under her command. Amber was very good friends with Skipper Warthorn. She killed the traitorous Fortunata with the assistance of Mask. She lost an ear to a mercenary of Bane. Lady Amber also taught Columbine to shoot a bow.

After the Great Mossflower War, Amber beat on a hollow log to announce meals or danger.

In The Redwall Cookbook, Lady Amber is mentioned as the originator of a recipe for Savoury Squirrel Bakes.