The Lance of Corriam was a fabled wooden lance that belonged to Corriam Wildlough.


Corriam and his sister, the High Queen Rhulain, were sailing to hunt down a wildcat vessel, but their ship hit a reef. The wildcats boarded their ship, killing the High Queen, and Corriam's lance was snapped in the middle as he was thrown out to sea. After washing up on shore, Corriam met Runa Wildlough, whom he eventually married and lived peacefully with at Redwall Abbey. At the Abbey, Corriam took the painstaking task of repairing his broken lance. When finished, the weapon was perfectly balanced, with a solid silver sleeve to keep both halves together. After Corriam died, Runa left the lance to Sister Geminya. Geminya left a series of clues of where to find the lance. She stored the lance in her room in the high attic of the Abbey, using it as a curtain rail. After many seasons, Redwallers found the lance. It was used by Skipper Banjon, but was soon broken again; when Banjon impaled the water rat Groffgut with it, the rat fell on it and snapped the lance with his weight. Suprisingly, this came to be an advantage as the coronet of the High Rhulain was stored within the silver sleeve. Brink Cellarhog once again restored the lance with his carpenting skills.


The Lance of Corriam appears in High Rhulain.

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