Place of Origin:Marlfox Island
Weapon: Axe
Death: Killed by Mokkan and the Teeth of the Deeps
Appears: Marlfox

Lantur was a Marlfox, the youngest daughter of Silth and the sister of Mokkan, Ziral, Gelltor, Predak, Vannan, and Ascrod. She was known to be the favorite of her father's and the only sibling to never leave Castle Marl. Lantur drove her mother mad with the help of her water rat maid Wilce by creating a makeshift ghost to scare and torment her.

Lantur secretly poisoned her mother's drink and killed her in a battle of wits. She appointed Wilce as her chief advisor. Her reign was short lived when Mokkan returned from Redwall Abbey and pushed her off a cliff to be eaten by a pike. Lantur was the seventh Marlfox to die.

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