Song bearing the Leafwood

The Leafwood was a short stick with a small green stone mounted on the end. It was found by Songbreeze in a cupboard in the corner of the Abbey Gatehouse. She brought it along with her on her quest to bring back the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

When she met Burble, he explained to her that the Leafwood was an important object to watervoles. Tradition was that whoever held the Leafwood would be the leader of the watervoles. After learning of its significance, she offered to trade it to the Gray One in exchange for the Swallow. However, the Gray One had no right to trade the boat and was planning to steal the Leafwood, so Songbreeze, Burble, Dannflor and Dippler stole away in the night.

However, the Leafwood was not with the Gray One; it was traveling along with the four friends in the Swallow. The Riverhead tribe of watervoles chased after the Swallow, but the friends managed to complete their quest. After their quest was finished, Song gave the Leafwood to Burble, who became the leader of the Riverhead tribe.


The Leafwood appears in Marlfox.

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