Mrs. Lettie Bankvole

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Killed by Slagar's Gang
Appears: Mattimeo

Mrs. Lettie Bankvole was a female bankvole of Redwall Abbey. She was a widow and the mother of Rollo and Cynthia. Mrs. Bankvole wore a flowered pinafore and was a typical fussy, concerned mother, showing annoyance at the songs Basil Stag Hare taught Rollo. She was murdered by Slagar the Cruel's slavers the night that they drugged the Abbeybeasts and abducted the Dibbuns and younger ones, including her own Cynthia.


Mrs. Bankvole is first seen chiding her son, telling him to stop singing nonsense songs, wondering where they will end. She later appears, once more, chiding Baby Rollo as he sings songs to his idols, Ambrose Spike and Basil Stag Hare, to which he neglects to listen. She then is mentioned as having made a delicious six layer trifle for the feast. When Slagar the Cruel arrives, he calls out her name, much to her surprise and shock.

Mrs. Bankvole was also found lying dead in the rain later that night, having been slain by Slagar the Cruel's gang, or possibly by Slagar himself.


Although she is a vole, after her death, Mrs. Bankvole is described as a "mouse mother".