The lilac-smelling green cloths were an important part of the riddle Abbess Mhera had to solve to find out that she was to be Abbess. They were green, homespun and had a faint scent of lilacs about them. On them were written words such as PITTAGALL, HITTAGALL or WITTAGALL. These were acronyms for phrases like "Patience Is The Thing A Good Abbey Leader Learns." The last cloth had ICMATOTROA written on it; this meant "I Choose Mhera As The Ottermaid To Rule Our Abbey." The cloths were put in place by Badgermum Cregga and Old Hoarg.

Places the Cloths were Found

  • HITTAGALL (humility)--in the bell tower, wedged into a beam. Found by entire searching party.
  • PITTAGALL (patience)--stitched into an infirmary coverlet. Discovered by Mhera.
  • WITTAGALL (wisdom)--among the torches near the east wallgate. Found by Cregga.
  • UITTAGALL (understanding)--on the west wall rampart. Discovered by Brull.
  • KITTAGALL (uncertain; possibly kindness)--in the orchard. Used as a handkerchief by Trey.
  • FITTAGALL (friendliness)--found by Cregga in the bedspread where she lay under Martin's tapestry.
  • SITTAGALL (strength)--somehow got stuck on the sole of Friar Bobb's sandal and got stuck on Boorab's tail when he and Broggle (literally) booted Nimbalo and the hare out of the kitchen.


The lilac-smelling green cloths appear in Taggerung.

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