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Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Rapier, sling
Death: Mortally wounded during the Battle of Malkariss
Appears: Redwall, Mattimeo, The Redwall Cookbook
Voice(s): Bruce Dow (Redwall); Billy Maher (Redwall); Ron Delacruz (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 1

Log-a-Log of the Guosim led the tribe at a time when Captain Snow and Asmodeus terrorized them, and when the Guosim used the Blackstone. He was a descendant from a long line of ferry shrews. Log-a-Log directed Matthias to the residence of Squire Julian Gingivere, and with the president Guosim, accompanied the warrior mouse to the quarry where he retrieved the sword of Martin the Warrior from Asmodeus. Log-a-Log then assisted in the battle for Redwall Abbey against Cluny the Scourge.

Seasons later, Log-a-Log journeyed with Matthias to save young beasts from the slave trade of Slagar the Cruel. He saved Matthias and his companions from a landslide caused by Slagar that was intended to cause them to die of suffocation. He and his shrews traveled with them to hunt down Slagar. When they reached the Kingdom of Malkariss he was mortally wounded in the battle that ensued. He wanted to be carried up into the sunlight for his last moments, but when the shrews came upon Mattimeo and his companions, they helped to rescue them. Log-a-Log died peacefully smiling because he had fulfilled his quest to help save Matthias' son.

Flugg was named as his successor.

Tribe Members


Log-a-Log in the Redwall TV Series


  • In the Redwall TV Series Log-a-Log saved Matthias by taking a spear (thrown by Slagar) in his back, while in the book it was to the neck and meant for him.

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