The Longtail Horde was a group of rats known for their ability to move around undetected swiftly and silently, due to their skill, and to the flecked grey and black fur, which acted as camouflage. Their primary weapons were bows and arrows, but they also carried daggers.

Their knowledge of the Great South Plateau allowed them to lead slavers and their prisoners through the treacherous land and bring them to the Kingdom of Malkariss. During the time of Mattimeo, they escorted the young captured slaves through the forest, fending off the Painted Ones who attacked them long enough to escape. The horde also operated a ferry across the river, enabling the party to reach the other end safely, without being attacked by the carnivorious fish that lived in it. When Matthias and his friends came to the river, the longtail horde kept them at bay with arrows. Matthias and his friend's escaped downstream, and the horde followed them. The horde was eventually defeated when the sparrows, led by Queen Warbeak attacked them. Stonefleck was slain, and the horde fled.

In the Redwall TV Series, the horde have spears and axes and the rats that assisted them resembled members of Cluny's Horde from Season 1.

Known Members


The Longtail Horde appears in Mattimeo.

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