Lonna Bowstripe

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Known Predecessor:Sagaxus
Known Successor:Lady Melesme
Weapon:Bow and Arrow, Dagger

Lonna Bowstripe was a massive Badger Lord who was raised by an older badger, Grawn, near the Eastern Coast. It was Grawn who taught him the ways of the archer and very well too, as he could shoot dead center in excess of 100 yards. Lonna was also born with the powers of a seer, a skill that is not found in woodlanders in general, albeit not uncommon among badgers. According to Grawn, his powers were one of the reasons he was so accurate with his bow, he could also contact creatures in their dreams, a feat he demonstrated only on Raga Bol vowing vengeance. Lonna also periodically had bloodwrath. Other characters commented frequently on his huge size.

He had a scar on his face, which he received during a near-fatal encounter with Raga Bol. His life was saved by the otters Abruc and Stugg, who rescued him and brought him back to health. Lonna had sworn an oath of vengeance against Bol, as the attack had ended with the killing of Grawn, and pursued him.

Lonna traveled for seasons tracking Bol and at one point was almost assassinated by three of his troops who were armed with poison darts.

After a run-in with the party questing for Loamhedge Abbey, during which Martin the Warrior told him where to go, Lonna tracked Raga Bol to Redwall Abbey. Lonna stood outside the building slaying any vermin foolish enough to poke his head above the perimeter. Eventually, Lonna got his paws on Bol and used him as a club to whack Bol's own troops and was about to kill the searat when Bol was accidentally killed by the spears of his own crew who were trying to throw them at the badger. Many of the searats ran but Lonna tracked every last one down.

After Redwall was saved, Lonna went on to become the next Lord of Salamandastron.


Lonna Bowstripe


  • The character Lonna, as seen in the dedication of Loamhedge, is based off of a person named Nolan Wallace. This is evident in that the name "Lonna" is an anagram of "Nolan." Until his death in 2001 from cancer, Nolan was an avid reader of Redwall and spoke at great lengths regarding the merits of the series.

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