Note: This article is about the otter. If you're looking for the stoat, see Lugg (The Sable Quean).


Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Lugg was a male otter of the outlaw otterclans on Green Isle. Early on in the battle with Riggu Felis and the feral cat army, Lugg, along with Ganno, was sent out by Banya Streamdog to scout the right bank of the Fortress lake. He was to look for cat activity around the pier and slave compound, and to see if he could spot Leatho Shellhound, who had been captured by the cats. Lugg reported back that there was no activity outside the fortress, the slaves were being heavily guarded, and he had not seen Leatho.


  • Lugg is a river in Wales.