Lugworm being threatened by Damug Warfang

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by Borumm in an escape attempt
Appears: The Long Patrol

Lugworm was a sly stoat soldier in the Rapscallion army. He rigged the fight between Damug Warfang and his brother Byral Fleetclaw, ensuring Damug's victory. Lugworm also knew a trick to rig the ceremonial throwing of the Rapscallion sword, by attaching a brass clip to it so it always fell the same side up. Lugworm served as Damug's aide and advisor for a short while. He was nearly strangled by Damug for mentioning Cregga Rose Eyes, causing him to turn over to Borumm and Vendace, two Rapscour officers who were traitors to Damug. He did not know that he was being watched by the rat Gribble.

During an assasination attempt against Damug, Lugworm was captured along with Borumm and Vendace. They were sentenced to life forever in chains, but escaped with a file and headed towards a nearby river, in which thirty scouts had to stand (they were being punished for an unfortunate incident involving shrews). Borumm and Vendace escaped across the river with them, but decided they couldn't afford to bring a backstabber along with them, and Borumm slew Lugworm with the chains that had previously held them captive.

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