Place of Origin:Holt Lutra
Weapon: Sabre
Death: Killed by Conva's crew
Appears: Mentioned in: Pearls of Lutra

Lutra was the otter chief of Holt Lutra and father of Grath Longfletch and the father-in-law of Inbar Trueflight. Lutra and his holt lived in a cave near the sea, and owned six beautiful rose pearls called the Tears of all Oceans. Because of the pearls, Lutra was killed, and his holt destroyed and looted, by Captain Conva under Ublaz Mad Eyes' orders. When Ublaz was bitten by a poisonous snake, Martin II made sure Lutra's name was the last one Ublaz heard, to avenge Lutra and his family.


  • Lutra lutra is the name for the Eurasian otter.

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