Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear, The Sword of Martin (temporarily)
Death: Decapitated by Vizka Longtooth
Appears: Eulalia!

Magger was a weasel Sea Raider serving under Vizka Longtooth aboard the Bludgullet. After the death of Vizka's brother Codj, Magger was promoted to first mate and second-in-command of the Sea Raiders, a decision which Vizka would later come to regret.

While Vizka took twoscore Sea Raiders to work at tunneling into Redwall Abbey, Magger kept the rest of the crew at a camp to reinforce when needed. The digging scheme went badly awry, however, when Vizka was attacked by Gruntan Kurdly's horde of Brownrats. Magger, taken by surprise, tried to flee while his force was scattered and decimated, but was captured by the Brownrats easily.

Stringle, captain of the Brownrats who had charged the Sea Raiders, forced Magger to tell Gruntan Kurdly that it was he who killed Vizka (the fox was, in fact, still alive), but this ambitious scheme was made useless when Gorath the Flame scattered the rats. Magger took advantage of this confusion to escape.

The haplessly wandering weasel came across a vole and killed him. Much to his delight, the vole was carrying the Sword of Martin with him, which he had stolen from Redwall Abbey. Proudly carrying this fine blade, Magger swaggered into the camp of the remnant of the Sea Raiders, but got a cold shock when he discovered that Vizka Longtooth was alive. The wrathful fox decapitated Magger for being a deserter and a useless fool, and took Martin's sword for himself.


"King o' the forest, king o' the sea; king o' everytink, dat's me! Arhh, I even feels cleverer wid this sword!"