Malbun Grimp


Species:Wood Mouse
Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Malbun Grimp was the Redwall Abbey Healer and Recorder during the time of Triss. She was good friends with Abbot Apodemus, and would often converse with him.

Malbun was one of the searchers looking for Brockhall, and during that time she was captured by Wicky's band. Wicky wanted their food, but when neither Malbun nor Crikulus would tell the gang where their food was, the stoat prepared to slay them. However, he was stopped by Log-a-Log Groo and Skipper.

Later, Malbun went out to look for Brockhall accompanied by Crikulus. This time, however, there were no other searchers assisting them. While they were out, the two were stalked by Zassaliss and his siblings, and ran back to the Abbey in a panic. They were the first Abbeybeasts to see the three snakes.

Malbun also helped in decoding the Royal House of Riftgard Script.


Malbun is the only Infirmary keeper not to have the title of "Sister."