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Marking of the Marches


Marking of the Marches

Location Araltum's Groves
Result Horde Victory
Squirrelking Araltum, Pinetooth, Driltig, Chamog, Eltur, Birno, Rofal, Hinjo, Girtan Gulo the Savage
Faction Araltum's Parade Faction Gulo the Savage's Horde
Strength 30 Strength 100
Casualties 27 killed, only three survivors Casualties None
Species Squirrels Species One Wolverine, Ermine, White Foxes
Appears in Rakkety Tam

The Marking of the Marches was a parade organized by Idga Drayqueen to show off her Royal Banner. However, it quickly turned into a battlefield with the arrival of Gulo the Savage and his horde, who took the parading squirrels by complete surprise and achieved complete victory. There were no casualties taken by Gulo's horde; by contrast, there were only three squirrel survivors: Squirrelking Araltum, Driltig and Pinetooth. The dead squirrels were eaten, as was the tradition of the horde.

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