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Marlfox, US Cover

Year Published: 1998
Illustrator: Chris Baker
US Cover Artist: Troy Howell
UK Cover Artist: Chris Baker
Page Count: 386
ISBN: ISBN 0399233075
ISBN-13: ISBN 9780399233074
Chronological Order: 13
Publication Order: 11
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Marlfox, UK Cover

Book Divisions (English)

  • Act 1: Enter the Players
  • Act 2: Four Chieftains Going Forth
  • Act 3: The Queen's Island

(NOTE: At the very end of the book there is a disclaimer which reads:


This narrative has been edited by Florian Dugglewoof Wilffachop, Actor Manager Impresario. Who insists that the entire tale is a drama, which he will be later performing as a play, hence the three parts being named as acts rather than books. We crave your indulgence for this deviation.)


The Marlfoxes are a group of evil, grey foxes who are rumored to be able to turn themselves invisible. They are sent on a mission from their mother Silth, who lives on a secret island in the middle of the Great Inland Sea. Their mission: to bring back objects of beauty for Silth.

Meanwhile, a group of traveling performers ends up at Redwall after their cart is stuck in the mud. They have little food and their cart is falling apart. They also encounter two Marlfoxes and manage to drive them away.

The Marlfoxes and their water rat army travel north. They arrive at Redwall Abbey, and take a baby captive, ordering the Redwallers to give them treasure in return for the baby's safe return. Instead the Redwallers charge the Marlfoxes in a battle. One Marlfox is killed, for which the surviving Marlfoxes swear revenge. While the battle rages outside, Ascrod and Vannan, along with two water rats, sneak in. They knock Song, Dippler, and Dann unconscious before stealing the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Mokkan, one of the Marlfoxes, escapes with the tapestry, leaving his siblings behind.

Three young Redwallers, Songbreeze Swifteye, Dannflower Reguba and Dippler set out after Mokkan, trying to retrieve the tapestry after Dannflower had a dream about "four chieftains going forth" to bring back the tapestry.

They meet Burble, a water vole. Whilst the four friends are hiding in the side stream, a ferret called Raventail and his band capture Dippler and Burble, but Song and Dannflor manage to escape. Later they rescue their friends. On their journey, they meet a kind giant hedgehog Sollertree, who lives alone with his pet frog Croikle and an old otterwife Goodwife Brimm.

Meanwhile, the remaining Marlfoxes lay siege to Redwall with their allies a ferret Raventail and his band. After a series of battles, the Marlfoxes are finally killed and peace is restored to Redwall.

Song, Dann, Dippler and Burble meet some new friends: Song's grandmother Ellayo's lost husband Gawjo, Torrab and a band of hedgehogs, whose parents are killed by Marlfoxes and set out into the great lake to the island.

Song is separated from her friends during the journey while trying to rescue an injured osprey, Mighty Megraw. She and Mighty Megraw are swept away on the currents of the waterfall. Fortunately, both of them are rescued by cormorants. Song and Megraw eventually rejoin their friends.

Mokkan finds that Silth has been killed by one of his sisters, Lantur. Lantur had outwitted Silth earlier by poisoning her, offering her a drink. Knowing that Silth would naturally be suspicious, she poisoned her own goblet, and Silth, thinking she has won, takes a drink from it. Lantur announces Silth's death and is quickly given leadership.

Mokkan promptly kills her by pushing her off the shore into the water, where she is quickly eaten by nearby pike. Mokkan then proclaims himself King. However, the companions arrive, and they overthrow the water rat army. Mokkan escapes in a boat, but an escaped slave throws a slave's chain and manacle, knocking him out, making him fall in the Great Inland Sea to be eaten by the pikes there.

The surviving water rats are left on the island to gladly become farmers, as their way of life was barely better than the slaves'. The osprey Mighty Megraw becomes the ruler of the island. The companions return home to Redwall. Song is named Abbess, Dann is named Abbey Champion, and Dippler is named Log-a-Log because he avenged the death of the Log-a-Log before him by killing Fenno.

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