The Marlfoxes were a mysterious brood of foxes with pale eyes and mottled silver-white fur, rumored to possess magical powers of invisibility and immortality. These rumors were apparently perpetuated by their very real stealth capabilities. Only one family of Marlfoxes appears in the series, though presumably more have existed in the past.

Silth and an unnamed male Marlfox helped to conquer an island in the middle of the Great Inland Sea while in the company of an ordinary fox tribe and an army of water rats. Taking control of the rats, the two Marlfoxes slew the rest of the tribe. Silth later gave birth to seven cubs, before slaying her mate because of a rulership dispute. At some point, Silth oversaw the construction of Castle Marl, the Marlfox lair.

Silth and her descendants all died either in battle or due to their own treachery during a conflict with Redwall Abbey. This most likely marked the end of the Marlfox race.


Guard Command

Guard Commanders were water rats, who had a black livery marking, which made them different from water rats of lower rank. The member of Guard Command carried a short spear with a leaf blade and a small round buckler shield.

Water Rats

A large (at least 400 strong) army of water rats served the Marlfoxes as soldiers - 200 of them were sent out with Mokkan and the rest and ended up providing the bulk of the force assaulting Redwall. The rats were loyal to the Marlfoxes only through fear of their own deaths, and most of them became peaceful farmers upon the defeat of their masters, throwing their weapons into the lake.


Teeth of The Deeps

The Teeth of The Deeps were a cannibalistic pike shoal that lived in the waters of the Great Inland Sea near Marlfox Island. First, Rigglent was fed to them by the order of High Queen Silth, and then Mokkan pushed Lantur in the lake for food of the pike. While attempting to escape from the island, Mokkan was spotted by Nettlebud. She threw a chain at him, which knocked him into the water, where he was eaten by the pike.


The Marlfoxes appear in Marlfox.

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