Maud Bowe

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:London
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Maud Bowe was the daughter of Percival Bowe and traveled from London to Chapelvale with Obadiah Smithers. She was instructed by her father to watch Mr Smithers and work with him on convincing the Chapelvale villagers to abandon their homes.

Maud Bowe was in many ways more intelligent and even more cruel than Obadiah, and often threatened people because of her father's power. She had no scruples in getting her ends and asked her father to hire the London Bullies in order to terrorize Winifred Winn into selling her home.

Haughty and spoiled, Maud hated to be called "young miss" and despised everyone, including the Smithers. She acted as though she was of royal birth, although she was just the daughter of a rich merchant and often demanded everyone to serve her. She was particularly difficult with Hetty Sullivan, the maid servant whom she had perform all kinds of extra services. She also hated Wilfred Smithers.

Maud and her father presumably ran into trouble with the police when the connection between their company and the London Bullies was established.

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