Mad Maudie Mugsberry Thropple


Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Bow and Arrows, Fists
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Mad Maudie (the Hon.) Mugsberry Thropple was a haremaiden in the Long Patrol with a talent for boxing, and the daughter of Colonel Thropple. She was an assistant cook, a job which frequently got her into trouble. She was moderately intelligent, perilous, and loyal. As her skill at boxing was so renowned, she was the Regimental Champion of the Long Patrol for at least six seasons.

Maudie was sent by Lord Asheye to seek out the old badger's successor, after she stirred up a ruckus in the kitchen one time too many. She suspected that she would find some information regarding this badger at Redwall Abbey, and thus she decided to journey there.

On the Western Shores, Maudie saved a mole, Bungwen the Hermit, from a gang of lizards. Bungwen told Maudie to look for his friend, Asio Bardwing. Maudie set off for Redwall once again, aided by Bungwen's advice.

That night, Maudie herself was captured by the angry lizards, who bound her to a tree. She was rescued by a great horned owl, Bungwen's friend Asio. Asio, after eating the lizards, set off for Redwall with Maudie, under the belief that Maudie was a magic beast.

Maudie and Asio traveled to Bulrush Bower, a small lake, and met up with Log-a-Log Luglug and his Guosim shrews, who agreed to transport Maudie to Redwall in their logboats. While sailing, they ran into a horde of Brownrats, whom attempted to attack them.

Maudie and the Guosim managed to shake off the Brownrats with the help of Rangval the Rogue and Barbowla's otter tribe, and made it to the Abbey. Unfortunately, Log-a-Log Luglug was killed trying to rescue a young shrew, Yik.

Maudie found Gorath in the infirmary, and promised to bring him to Salamandastron. Maudie later took part in the Battle of the Plateau, knocking down the Brownrat ranks with her incredible boxing talent.

Later, Maudie was promoted to regimental Colonel Cook and Caterer.

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