Melanda MacBurl

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Sword
Death: Unknown
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Melanda MacBurl was the daughter of Rakkety Tam MacBurl and Sister Armel. She was taught to wield a sword from the time she was a Dibbun by her father and Wild Doogy Plumm, and became a master of it almost before she could even walk. She accompanied them on the journey to Squirrelking Araltum's groves to return Idga Drayqueen's Royal Banner, while carrying The Sword of Martin. She gave the name to the Seasons of the Savage.

Melanda later became Abbey Recorder after Sister Screeve. Fifteen seasons after the events she wrote about, she had become the youngest-ever Recorder.

Audio VA: Keddy Sutton

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