Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown, most likely old age
Appears: Eulalia!

Melutar (better known by his title, the Tabura) was the brother of Badger Lord Asheye, who was also known as Ferlon. Melutar was described by Asheye as being his complete opposite. While Asheye was a "bloodwrath" badger, Melutar was wise. When Ferlon traveled to Salamandastron, Melutar stayed behind to look after their aging parents. Some time later, presumably after their parents' death, Melutar adopted Salixa after killing the vermin that enslaved her. She was taken under his tutelage, learning the ways of a Tabura.

After conflicts involving Vizka Longtooth and Gruntan Kurdly in Mossflower Woods, he stayed at Redwall Abbey as a healer. After Gorath the Flame arrived at Salamandastron, Ferlon traveled to Redwall, fulfilling a prophecy made by several past Badger Lords. It is presumed they stayed there together until their deaths.