Place of Origin:Green Isle
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Memsy was an ottermaid of the outlaw otterclans on Green Isle. She was a former slave of the warlord, Riggu Felis, and his feral cat army. She came with Deedero Galedeep to Leatho Shellhound and alerted him that the otters, Whulky, Chab and their two families, had been tied beneath the pier by the cats. Very distraught, Memsy also told Leatho that if the otters did not speak of where the outlaws had been gathering, they and their families would be thrown into Deeplough and eaten by the Slothunog. Later, Memsy volunteered along with Runka Streamdog to return to the wildcat's fortress, pose as slaves, and become spies among the enemy. When Leatho Shellhound was captured by the cats, Memsy and Runka escaped to alert the rest of the clans. Memsy was the only one who made it, as Runka was slain by Scorecat Yund. Memsy met up with Banya Streamdog who helped her back to the refuge, Holt Summerdell. Memsy, too weak with terror and grief over the events, had Banya tell the other otters about what had happened.