Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Midda was a sensible young Guosim shrew, the second oldest daughter of Log-a-Log Jango Bigboat and Furm, and the sister of Borti and Flib. She was kidnapped with Borti by the Ravagers and Quean Vilaya, and jailed by Binta and Thwip. After Flib was believed to be dead, Midda took control by forming an escape plan after the unsuccessful tunneling, which had herself and the young ones moved to a cave. She and the babes eventually escaped through a tunnel in their cave's wall. During their escape, they became lost in a network of tunnels, until they met up with a smelly old hedgehog named Triggut Frap, who told them the right pathway under the condition that they would build a house for him on a remote island surrounded by pike. Fortunately, they were rescued by Ambrevina Rockflash and Diggs before they actually started building.

She stayed at the house of Mumzy the watervole, and was later reunited with her family at Redwall Abbey when it was safe to do so.