Mildwort Mirdop

Place of Origin:Scrubby Woodland
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Mildwort Mirdop was the overly fussy and snobbish wife of Fescue Mirdop. She was the mother of Burnet and Buttercup. She and her husband invited Martin the Warrior, Laterose of Noonvale, Grumm Trencher, and Pallum into their home for tea, after attempting to scare them using Mirdop, a decoy made of straw and designed to ward off intruders. Tea at the Mirdop home consisted of a single scone per person, in spite of the travelers' great hunger and fatigue. Mildwort was especially disapproving of Grumm's appetite and unpolished manners. The travelers later teased Grumm often by imitating Mildwort's reaction to him.