Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Death: Probably killed by Muta
Appears: The Bellmaker

Mingol was a rat soldier in the horde of Urgan Nagru. He was frequently called upon by Nagru to lead hordes of rats in battle, first in the pursuit of Queen Serena and her son Truffen, then in attacking Muta and Rab Streambattle. Mingol was also ordered to ready the terrifying Dirgecallers in order to hunt the fugitives, which they did reluctantly and fearfully. Mingol was wounded during the hunt by a slingstone from the otters.

Mingol was the first to report the news that Mariel, Dandin and Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificient had esaped from the North tower of Castle Floret. On Silvamord's orders he helped smoke Mariel, Muta, and Rab out of the gatehouse. He most likely was killed when Muta attacked the rats outside the gatehouse.