Note: Mirdop is also the name of a family of rabbits. See Fescue, Mildwort, Burnet, and Buttercup Mirdop.

Mirdop was a monster created by the Mirdop family (see above) for the purpose of frightening passing travelers. It evidently worked, as even Martin the Warrior was scared by the creation. The doll had the body of a fox, the talons of an owl, a snakelike head, 3 googly eyes, and large teeth. The sham was made of cloth and hung from a tree, with the voice being provided by the two younger rabbits (Burnet and Buttercup). The young ones shouted into a hollow log to make their voices sound more imposing. Rose wrecked the creation, but it was presumably rebuilt. It was originally built by Fescue's great-grandfather. In the 1994 Red Fox print edition of the novel "Martin the Warrior" it can be noticed that for a paragraph the name Mirdop, becomes Mirpod, It is first mis-spoken by Grumm as are many words in molespeak, however the name is accidentally continued.


The Mirdop appears in Martin the Warrior.

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