Place of Origin:Marlfox Island
Weapon: Axe
Death: Killed by Nettlebud and the Teeth of the Deeps
Appears: Marlfox

Mokkan was a Marlfox, the eldest son of Silth and the brother of Lantur, Ziral, Gelltor, Predak, Vannan, and Ascrod. As he was known to be the cleverest of his siblings, he unofficially appointed himself their leader (as such, Redwall Friend & Foe counts him as the primary villain of Marlfox), though he was often paired with Ziral during raids. He was clever enough to know that when their mother Silth died they would fight amongst themselves for the right to rule Castle Marl. Mokkan also planned many of the attacks on Redwall Abbey, and successfully stole the tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

Mokkan then abandoned his brothers and sisters by smashing up all of the stolen shrew logboats except for one, which he used to sail towards home along with a group of water rats, in order to claim all of the credit for the theft of the tapestry. He also captured Fenno, whom he tied up in the boat to help steer. Whilst he and the water rats were on the journey to Marlfox Island, they were attacked by lizards in the water meadow.

After Mokkan returned to Castle Marl with the tapestry, he secretly killed Lantur, who had already become queen, and became king. When Dannflor and Songbreeze raided the castle to look for the tapestry, Mokkan tried to escape by boat off of the island. He sailed straight into the area where the defeated rat army was throwing weapons; he was out of their range, but Nettlebud, a previous slave of the fox, threw a chain around the Marlfox's throat, pulling him overboard and allowing the pike that swarmed the lake to slay him. Mokkan was the last of the Marlfoxes to die.