Species:Golden hamster
Place of Origin:Unknown, probably Riftgard
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Mokug was an old golden hamster who was once the personal servant of the Pure Ferret King Sarengo. He was favored because of his gold-colored fur.

Mokug was the only slave to accompany Sarengo and his son, Agarnu, on a journey to Mossflower Woods to pillage Redwall Abbey, going off from a map stolen from searats. However, he decided to raid Brockhall first, as it was rumored to hold the treasure of the Badger Lords and because it was marked on the map, while the Abbey wasn't. But the ruin was now home of the adder, Berussca, and her three children. Sarengo and the adder battled viciously, but ended up killing each other in the end.

During the mayhem, Mokug was able to escape and made a permanent home hidden deep in Mossflower. After many years he was discovered by Redwallers and was invited to live with them, which he gratefully accepted.

Mokug ended up becoming great help to Triss and her friends, and eventually returned with them to Riftgard to aid in freeing the slaves. At the end of the battle, Riftgard became a sanctuary to the newly freed slaves and Mokug and Kroova Wavedog became the newly appointed leaders. He also became the grandfather to the mousebabe Freedom.

To date, Mokug is the only hamster ever to appear in the series.