(The) Mousebabe


Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: A stick, pretending to be Martin the Warrior's sword
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

The Mousebabe was a Dibbun who lived at Redwall Abbey. He was a rather naughty Dibbun, often chastised by Mother Mellus. It was he who led Furrtil the mole Dibbun into the woods. They were captured by Slipp and Blaggut, two searats who were the only survivors after their ship, the Pearl Queen, was retrieved by Finnbarr Galedeep. The searats had wandered inland, but were lost until they stumbled on the two Dibbuns, who offered to take them to the Abbey. Oak Tom found the two lost Dibbuns, and the searats. He then told Tarquin, who then led all of them back to Redwall. Mousebabe later led the rats to the supposed Redwall "treasure", but really it was just the Dibbuns' playthings. He was good friends with Blaggut, whose name he mispronounced by calling him "Blackguts".

Oddly, Mousebabe does not have any known name, but is simply referred to as "Mousebabe".

Not to be confused with Mousebabe (Doomwyte).