Mr. Braithwaite

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:Chapelvale
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Mr. Braithwaite was the kind librarian and the teacher of Chapelvale. He had grey hair, wore small glasses, had some dandruff, and was stooped a bit. Mr. Braithwaite tended to stammer, probably from shyness, and often seemed very distracted and nervous. However, his appearance hid the fact that he was a great scholar and could speak with ease and knowledge on various topics, such as history, ancient objects and Latin. Ben liked him and the entire village admired him.

Mr. Braithwaite and Jonathan Preston eventually collected the altar gifts from Bishop Algernon Peveril and established an area for them in the back of the Evans Tea Shoppe, which they called the Tea Gardens.

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