Place of Origin:Sand hills south of the North Shores
Weapon: Natural Defenses and stilts
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Murfo was a hedgehog member of a tribe called the Dunehogs. He was the son of the Chief of Dunehogs, Dunespike.

Murfo first encountered Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief and their companions in their quest to find more information about Luke the Warrior. Believing they were Sea Rogues, Murfo disguised himself as a ghost in order to chase them away. When Martin toppled him and uncovered him, Murfo realized he was a good creature and asked to taste their pudding. Murfo and his tribe became good friends and allies of Martin and his companions and helped guide them on their journey as well as provided them with supplies.

Murfo liked very much Trimp the Rover and danced with her.