Nameday is the day when the Abbot or Abbess names the season. This moment is particularly exciting for Dibbuns, as well as grown beasts, since it is marked by a feast and many fun activities lasting up to two days.

The announcement of Nameday is welcomed with the Nameday Song, sung by Dibbuns. The night before Nameday, stories are told in the dormitories and only light snacks are given. No supper is served in order to allow the cooks sufficient time to prepare the feast.

On the morning of Nameday, the tradition starts with dibbuns marching in procession around the Orchard. They are challenged by the Abbey badger who asks them what they want. The dibbuns respond that they want food.

This feast is usually celebrated in the Great Hall where two tables are placed in a cross, although it is also occasionally held in the Orchard. It is followed by a succession of various sports, races and games.

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