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UK Redwall fan Durry Quill recently wrote to the Redwall La Dita Bookshop regarding the status of the UK release of Doomwyte, and was met with a surprising response:

Doomwyte will not be released in the UK.

In 2007, we saw a similar situation in the case of Eulalia!; the UK was passed over on the hardcover edition, however a paperback was eventually published.

Hopefully UK fans are not completely forgotten, and they too receive a paperback of Doomwyte. What makes all of this so interesting is that Brian Jacques himself is British, however it seems as if Redwall is more popular in the United States, and it would appear that the US is where all the attention is now directed.

Story Update: 10/07/2008

Fan Durry again inquired La Dita about the status of a paperback next year, and was told:

Unfortunately there will not be a UK edition at all

thus confirming that a UK Doomwyte will not be happening. Redwall La Dita, however, will be importing the US editions for UK fans.

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