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Another Penguin catalogue has released a summary for forthcoming novel, Doomwyte:

Sure to be a Jacques classic—the next thrilling adventure in the ever-popular Redwall series is a particularly fun one for its villains. For over twenty years, the Redwall series has been a favorite for readers young and old. And DOOMWYTE will be no exception. In this epic, the creatures of Redwall Abby [sic] face some of their most sinister foes yet—the nefarious Ravenwyte leader and his hoard [sic] of evil slithering snakes and vicious ravens and crows—all vying for a treasure the Redwallers are anxious to recover, a treasure hidden long ago by one of the abbey's most legendary thieves.

Now, compared to the last summary, there isn't much new here, just a few minor points.

  • Korvus Skurr is descibed as "Ravenwyte" - is this a title he uses, or is this a typo on Penguin's behalf?
  • Skurr's horde consists not only of snakes and ravens, but crows as well.
  • Last time the thief was one of the most "notorious", now he's "legendary" too. I'm going to speculate on this being Gonff the Mousethief again.

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