Contributed by LordTBT at 3:17AM GMT, 04 March 2008

Again the Library of Congress has updated their database with plot details for Brian Jacques' 2008 Redwall novel, Doomwyte.

From this update there are 2 important tidbits of information.

First of course, the summary:

The Redwallers face some of their most dangerous villains yet in a treacherous hunt for long-lost treasure

Now this is important because it establishes what we've been speculating since we first learned the books title - that the "Doomwyte" or the whole lot of "Doomwytes" is a type of villain. To see further ideas on what the villain may be, please view the Doomwyte article.

The second thing to notice is what the book will revolve around - a hunt for treasure.

The next item is one of the categories Doomwyte is thrown into:

Buried treasure--Fiction.

So it's not just any sort of's buried. Continues to get more and more interesting. As more and more information comes into light, we will keep you informed.

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