Contributed by LordTBT at 10:43PM EST, 7 May 2007


Covers has issued a few revisions in terms of product covers for later this year. All the covers, plus the new ones are below for comparison.

As most readers know, the Redwall Wiki obtained advances of Eulalia! and Redwall: The Graphic Novel back in March. Looking at the covers of the old and new Eulalia! (as also observed by the Redwall Newsline) the brown in the background has been darkened, and the yellow tinge in the font of Brian Jacques' name has been lightened. Additionally, the oceanic wave in the background has been made more blue, and the red in Gorath the Flame's eyes, as well as on his scar has also been increased. Finally, Gorath's tunic was originally a dark yellow color, and in the final version it is clearly green.

The cover for the Redwall: 20th Anniversary Edition has received a mark designating it so, and the red colors have been heightened; we also finally have art for the new Gift Set.

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