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Redwall 20th Anniversary by Troy Howell

In a recent blog posting, Troy Howell has revealed that he will still be the Redwall cover artist for book 21, The Sable Quean, as well as some thoughts about his work:

Working on yet another jacket for the Brian Jacques Redwall series, I’m once again drawing animals in clothes and wielding swords. This is always a challenging process for me. Getting an otter into a dress, a rat into a jerkin, a tattoo onto a weasel’s face, these are easier said—with words—than done—with pictures. I would bet that putting a hat on a rabbit requires more sleight of hand than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It’s the ears. Either the hat must have a roomy crown, or holes, or grooves in the brim, or else the ears get bent. I don’t know, the folks at Disney don’t seem to sweat it. But I prefer animals to be as nature intended: in the buff (fur and feathers, that is).

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