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Liverpool 2008

For the unaware, in 2008 Brian Jacques' hometown of Liverpool (along with Stavanger & Sandnes, Norway) is the European Capital of Culture. This means the city was specially selected by the European Commission for elevated status, and because of this over the course of the next year an excess of more than 2 million tourists will arrive in Merseyside to experience the city and its heritage.

Having been to Liverpool myself, it certainly is an interesting city. The main thing to do, of course, is to view historic sites related to 1960s pop group The Beatles, however there are many other impressive sites, such as Liverpool Cathedral (Can you say "Redwall Abbey"?), and while you're in Liverpool I recommend grabbing a pint of Cain's bitters.

As this is Brian's city, you can certainly believe he's going to be part of the festivities occurring year-round.

On the 3rd of November 2008, Brian will be giving a lecture in Liverpool as part of an ongoing series at St George's Hall, the title being "Liverpool - City of Literature". Entrance will be free, but a ticket is necessary for the event.

Other literature events, such as the "Bluecoat Literature Festival" (October 2008) and "Best of Liverpool" (December 2008) will be occurring as well; while at this time I cannot confirm if Brian will be involved, I think it's very plausible.

Check out the official Liverpool Capital of Culture website for more information on annual events!

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