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And we have yet a fourth summary for Doomwyte, from the Spring/Summer 2008 edition of the Redwall Reader's Club Newsletter! Thanks to fan Safronia Cedarwood for bringing this to my attention.

Traveller, beware of the Doomwytes!
Set your paws on the track of a great adventure, my friend. Who stole the jewelled eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol long ago? What horrors dwell in the caves beneath the wooded hill-the realm of the fearsome Korvus Skurr, black-feathered Raven?
Young Redwallers and their friends find themselves in the grips of adventure, solving mysterious riddles and battling villainous foes in daring underground forays. Join them in the quest, the feasts, the songs, and the fray. Unite with the tribes of the Guosim and Gonfelein against vermin, carrion, and the dangerous Wytes. Discover why the black avenger haunts the wooded slopes. But most of all, beware of the dreaded Balissssssssssss!

This is probably the most revealing summary next to the one released by the US Penguin Group, and as always, brings further questions and ideas.

This is what we know:

  • A "notorious" and "legendary" Redwall thief hid a treasure long ago. It seems this treasure in all likelihood is the jewelled eyes of the "Great Doomwyte Idol". And I've speculated that this thief has gotta be Gonff. So why/how did he steal 'em? Can't wait to find out.
  • Does the "Gonfelein" tribe have anything whatsoever to do with Gonff? Or are they possibly just a group of thieves, as we know Gonff's name comes from the Yiddish word for "thief".
  • In the cover, Korvus Skurr is pictured with a snake wrapped around his head, and we know snakes are members of his horde. "Balissssssssssss" sounds a lot like Berussca and Asmodeus, other snakes in the series. I'm willing to bet this is also a snake in the horde.
  • One final point, out of all the summaries, Salamandastron has been noticeably absent. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not in this novel at all.

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