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More Exclusives from the Redwall Wiki!

October 10th, 2007 - THE Redwall Wiki ( -a wiki-based Redwall resource- celebrates its second anniversary on the internet today, and with the celebration more exclusive revelations previously unknown from works of Brian Jacques are revealed!

The Redwall Wiki has acquired a copy of Mr. Jacques' first stage play, Brown Bitter, Wet Nellies, and Scouse, and another Liverpool record on which he is present, Echoes of Merseyside.


Brown Bitter, Wet Nellies, and Scouse


Echoes of Merseyside

Furthermore, the Redwall Wiki can also disclose that Mr. Jacques also contributed to another play while working at the Everyman Theatre, called Infirmary Tales.

LordTBT, Redwall Wiki founder, observes:

"It truly is an exciting time for the Redwall Online Community. After starting from absolutely nothing, the Redwall Wiki today is a wealthy database comprised of thousands of articles relating to Brian Jacques and his work. Never before have Redwall fans had such an easily accessible resource of information that they themselves can contribute to!"

Like Wikipedia, the Redwall Wiki is a communal site that be easily edited by anybody. Redwall fans from around the world come together on a daily basis to contribute information for the benefit of others.

The reference system integrates data from everything Redwall or Brian Jacques related, including the novels, audio books, tv show, fan websites, related accessories, and illustrators. Thanks to the dedication of great Editors, in just 2 short years the Redwall Wiki has achieved well over 2,100 articles on various Redwall subjects and characters. While it is not one of the largest Wikia sites, it does boast the most information on Redwall and Mr. Jacques on the internet.

The Redwall Wiki has also been known to post upcoming Redwall news before other known sources, and has featured exclusive information and details from relevant people and sources including Pete Lyon, Stuart Moore, David Elliot, David Wyatt, Troy Howell, David Lindsay, and Micheline Robinson.

From March until October, for the celebration of Redwall's 20th Anniversary, the Redwall Wiki held a contest to find out what was the coolest and lamest in the history of Redwall.

Both resulted in a tie:

In addition to these milestones, the Redwall Wiki also has a sister site, which is en Français.

The Redwall Wiki is continually on the lookout for additions to its list of dedicated users from all corners of the world. If you have the drive and the knowledge to assist with completing the largest collection of Redwall information on the web, head on over and sign up now!


  • Stastical information regarding the Redwall Wiki can be located here.


Notes for Editors

For further information & queries, contact LordTBT via this page.

  1. The Redwall Wiki was founded 10 October 2005.
  2. LordTBT is also responsible for founding the Dark is Rising Wiki.

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