Redwall Wiki Continues Informational and Technological Advances

After only three years on the internet, the Redwall Wiki is at the forefront of new media.

October 10th, 2008 - THE Redwall Wiki ( today celebrates it's third anniversary online, continuing yet another year of perseverance and excellence.

The 2007 - 2008 year was another resounding success, with several noteworthy improvements.

First, with the development of the Monaco skin by Wikia, the Redwall Wiki was able to receive it's first major visual makeover, receiving a new modern feel and easily accessible navigation menus.

As Wikia's team tweaked Monaco, the cosmetics evolved into the current look.

Back in April, the Redwall Wiki was the first site to officially announce the in-development Redwall Movie, scheduled for 2011.

And in June, the Redwall Wiki reached over 2,500 articles, completed the character listings for all published Redwall novels, and announced it's new domain,

While uncredited, the Redwall Wiki also proved to be a source for an important speech lauding Brian Jacques as a Fellow at LJMU.

Over the course of the past year, the Redwall Wiki has also made several additions to the site for Redwall Online Community members, including constantly expanding hubs for fan essays, fan fiction, and fan art.

The Redwall Wiki also proves to be a leader in new technology with it's iPhone-specific icon, and also caters to mobile browser users by providing formats for easily readable news updates.

Stay tuned, as the Redwall Wiki has more exciting announcements and news to come later this month!


  • Stastical information regarding the Redwall Wiki can be located here.


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