Nimbalo the Slayer


Place of Origin:Mossflower Flatlands
Weapon: Natural Defenses, Battle Axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Nimbalo the Slayer was a cheeky harvest mouse who lied often and liked to play any form of instrument (but mostly the flute) and sang songs. He wore a yellow tunic, and was extremely small.

Tagg met him out on the flatlands, where he was being attacked by a snake. Tagg stunned the snake and set Nimbalo free, though the mouse huffily insisted that he had not needed any help. This disagreement notwithstanding, they soon became good friends, with Nimbalo steadfastly sticking by his friend through thick and thin, even helping to rescue the otter from Yo Karr when the giant eel pulled him under.

Nimbalo had a strange aversion to the term "family", and would become angry whenever anybeast mentioned his being part of a family, even symbolically. He also had the habit of talking in his sleep, which revealed to Tagg that Nimbalo's father had cruelly beaten and abused him. Later, Nimbalo told Tagg that he had no idea where his mother was - probably run off by his abusive father. He also told Tagg that he himself had run away from home several times, often to a nearby watermeadow, before finally rebelling and deciding to leave his father's home for good.

When the otter and mouse passed by Nimbalo's old home some time later, they discovered that the Juskazann had raided it. Nimbalo's father was slain by his own battleaxe, and the place was in shambles. Nimbalo cleaned up the house and laid his father to rest in his favorite chair, saying that he was a mean old mouse but he had not deserved to die so brutally.

Nimbalo and Tagg reached Redwall Abbey the same time the Juskazann did - they had split up to scout out an entrance when Nimbalo was captured by Eefera and Vallug Bowbeast, both Juska vermin. He was held hostage in their camp - while he was there, he discovered that the rat Dagrab still had his father's axe, thus proclaiming her the murderer. Nimbalo bit through his bonds and attacked Dagrab, killing her with her own stolen weapon. Tagg joined in the fight, but was wounded and left unconscious - Nimbalo helped to find him, and refused to leave his bedside until he was told the healer would not treat Tagg in his presence.

Nimbalo moved into Redwall Abbey after this, though it took some convincing to get him to accept that he was part of a "family" again. After Ruggan Bor and his Juska were sent crawling away by Russano the Wise and the Long Patrol, and Redwall was finally at peace, Nimbalo became the new Master of Music - Boorab the Fool had abdicated the position in order to become Assistant Cook in the Kitchen, and he had taught Nimbalo how to play his one-man-band instrument.