The North Shores are sandy shores of the Western Coast in the far North. The shores are dotted with caves once used for the families of Luke the Warrior's tribe. Martin the Warrior was born here, and Vilu Daskar made repairs to the Goreleech and gathered supplies here. Luke's wife Sayna and many other members of Luke's tribe were murdered on the shores by Vilu Daskar's crew.

When the Greenhawk shipped into this area, Luke's tribe killed the crew and their captain Reynard Chopsnout and took over the ship. They fixed it up and named it the Sayna. Luke and his tribe then went out sailing in search of the Goreleech for revenge, leaving Martin in the care of his grandmother, Windred, and giving him his sword.

To the north of the caves of Luke's tribe are tall steep cliffs where Drunn Tunneller and Welff Tiptip resided.

About four days south of the shores is an area covered with sandy dunes, which conceal the Dunehog Dwellings where lived the Dunehogs Tribe. Also, to the west on the seas, are many islands, one of them being Twin Islands, and another Tall Rocks.

Known Residents


The North Shores appear in The Legend of Luke and The Rogue Crew.