The Northern Otter River Tribes, or NORT, were tribes of otters that resided in northern Mossflower Woods. Young otter tribe members were described as "kitts".

When Martin the Warrior, Gonff, Young Dinny and Trimp fled the Flitchaye, NORT appeared and attacked the weasels.

The otters of NORT lived in a holt directly under the roots of a beech tree in a dug out cavern that was very spacious, with thick gnarled roots crisscrossing in all directions that formed a ceiling, wallbeams, and in some parts long seats. The holt was lit up by a great fire in a stone built hearth and mantle, with ovens on both sides and cauldrons suspended over the flames by iron trivets. The NORT were led by Garraway Bullow, who had always been a good friend of Gonff. As the Flitchaye often killed the younger and older members of NORT, they were mortal enemies.

Known Members


The Northern Otter River Tribes appear in The Legend of Luke.

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