"He is, how shall I put it, an unwise old owl." - Friar Butty



Place of Origin:The Kitchen of Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Slain by Ascrod
Appears: The Long Patrol, Marlfox

Nutwing was a male owl of Redwall Abbey, born in the Kitchen to Taunoc and Orocca. His siblings were Nutbeak and Nutclaw. He was so named because of his obsession with the word "nut" when he was younger - it was the only word he spoke for several seasons. He was also the only of his siblings to stay at Redwall upon coming of age. He was a good friend of Friar Butty and typically stayed with the old recorder in the gatehouse. He would spend most of his time napping, and snored a lot, though this never appeared to irritate Friar Butty.

Nutwing was known for being a very scatterbrained owl, and was not as wise as most owls are thought to be. He also did not have very good eyesight due to his age, so he wore a pair of eyeglasses. According to him, the sky was too far away for him to bother with, so he typically walked most places he went, and only flew very low in short hopskips. He also had a weakness for ripe strawberries.

Nutwing helped to heal Cregga Rose Eyes when she was wounded by water rats under the command of Mokkan, and came to the gatehouse for treatment. He went back to the abbey for more supplies, but surprised Ascrod, Vannan, Beelu, and Dakkle, who were stealing the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Ascrod killed Nutwing on sight, using his body as a shield while they made their escape. Many in the abbey mourned his passing, especially Butty. Nutwing would later be avenged by Cregga and Ellayo, who shot Ascrod with a huge longbow.

Ironically for Ascrod, Nutwing's death ended up preventing the invasion of the Main Abbey Building the Marlfox tried to lead. Friar Butty could not sleep without the sound of Nutwing's snoring to soothe him, and was restless at night after his passing. One of these wakeful nights, the old squirrel was out walking and spotted what would have been a stealthy night ambush led by Ascrod, and was able to warn the Redwallers in time.