Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Throwing knives
Death: Accidentally poisoned by Gurrad
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Oilback was a searat on the crew of the Seascarab who was distinguished for his excellent knife-throwing ability. Tramun Clogg, seeking to murder Badrang the Tyrant, sent him secretly into Fort Marshank to do the job. Inside the fort, Oilback mistook a horde captain, Gurrad, for Badrang and killed him instead. Searching the victim's body, he found a flagon of blackberry grog, which was in fact poisoned and intended for Clogg. Oilback pocketed the grog and left the fort in secret, narrowly escaping discovery in the process. Once outside the gates, he took a drink to calm his nerves, thus causing his death.

This was one of several Mutual Kills in the series.

Oilback from the Redwall TV Series