Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by Rawnblade Widestripe
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Orgeye was the searat captain of the Waveblade, and one of Gabool the Wild's captains. Orgeye was searching for Greypatch and Darkqueen under Gabool's orders. When the Waveblade reached the shores near Salamandastron, the ship struck a reef and was holed in thick fog. Orgeye felt there was nothing to be done until the fog cleared.

Before this happened, however, Lord Rawnblade--possessed by Bloodwrath--came aboard the ship and slew all aboard in vengeance for the searats' slaying of three of his hares many seasons before. Orgeye, along with the rest of his crew, were slaughtered by the Badger Lord.

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